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Did You Know...Edition 45: Conversion Optimization & Landing Page Strategies


Did You Know...Edition 45: Conversion Optimization & Landing Page Strategies

Elle Humphries by Elle Humphries

Director of Marketing

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Elle has been involved with the WSI Team and has been helping them simplify the internet since 2016 when she came on board as a marketing intern. Elle became a full-time digital strategist in May of 2017, in which she focuses her talents on Project Management and Digital Marketing for the WSI team.

Elle is now the Director of Marketing for WSI as she brings many attributes to the table, such as social media marketing, email marketing, display/search marketing, search engine optimization, content creation, customer relationship management, project management, and more!



With millions of websites live today, how can you stand out in your industry? Conversion optimization and landing page strategies have led many businesses to achieve their marketing goals thus far. So, what is landing page optimization? Landing page optimization refers to the process of enhancing or improving each element on your landing page to increase conversions. Website conversion speaks to the act of a consumer converting from a website viewer to purchaser (or customer), or having a landing page visitor reach your website. 

What are the best tips/tricks to implement landing page optimization onto your website? 

When you first start planning your optimization strategy, think about how you can make the customer experience positive emotions. A positive experience for a consumer on a website will increase their desire to return to the website, purchase from the website, or even refer your website to a friend. Overall, increasing your company’s brand equity within the industry and allowing you to stand out from your competitors. Another opportunity for your business would be to try A/B testing on a landing page. You can also change up the headings and body copy and run A/B tests to see how those elements perform. 

What characteristics of a website encourage a positive consumer experience?

To start, the best landing pages have color and clarity. This seems like a no-brainer, right? Believe it or not, some brands are not utilizing these easily accessible features correctly, and simply throwing a website together. Visual consistency across your website ensures consumers that the work you produce is the highest quality and you put extra effort in with each project. While on-brand messaging matters now more than ever, visual consistency can make a huge difference in conversion rates. Your website is the first impression of your company, so you want to present it in the best way possible. Speaking of the best way possible... The best landing pages convert at rates of up to 27.4%, not bad, right? 

One of the most important features… Call-to-action! 

Great call-to-action phrases include: join to download, try this free, join now, and pick up here. A call-to-action button should not stress out or confuse the reader. Therefore, make your offer clear, concise, and obvious. The reader should have little to no confusion when it comes to finding out exactly where to go or how to execute your “call to action”. 

Know you know! 



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